Fire Pumps, Fire Apparatus, Fire and Defense Equipment

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Solution Series™ Modules
Darley Solution Series™ Modules provide the answer for departments trying to maximize a vehicle's mission capabilities with multi-purpose functionality. Available with NFPA ratings from 500-1500 gpm, Solution Series™ modules minimize the space taken by the pump house and allow the maximization of equipment and water carried on an apparatus.
Darley Pump Modules
Darley Pump Modules offer departments a wide choice of custom options. They provide a solid specification for bit solicitations and allow departments to standardize the pump house regardless of the truckbuilder. PTO and Midship Modules are available from 500-2000 gpm with many options including Class A Foam and CAFS.
Darley AutoCAFS™ Modules
Darley introduced CAFS to the North American market over 25 years ago and has continually strived to produce systems that are both user friendly and have the space necessary for annual maintenance. Utilizing Darley AutoCAFS™ Modules is a great way to encompass all of Darley's CAFS expertise with your department's preferred truck builder.
Darley Purifire® 4S10F Module
Darley continues to be a leader in innovation in the emergency response market with the incorporation of Darley's patent-pending combination of a fire pump and PuriFire® water purification system. The 4S10F allows a department to equip its firefighting apparatus with a life-saving device that adds no additional space to the pump house and no impact on firefighting operations on or behind the panel.