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The HF (Front Mount) and HR (Rear Mount) series pumps can be rated at 250, 350 and 500 gpm @ 150 psi. HF pump design allows flexibility and can have transmissions and pump casings rotated 360° to meet many applications.
Rated from 500, 750 and 1000 gpm @ 150 psi, the KSF and KSR pump is a compact solution for simple pumper applications. The KSRH, a rear mount offers simultaneous high volume, high pressure applications.
The LSF is rated up to 1000 gpm, but offers plenty of excess capacity to flow over 1200 gpm in most applications. The LS Pump is available as a front mount in the LSF, and as rear mounts in the LSR and with a high pressure booster pump in the LSRH.
The PS Series pumps are rated from 1000-1500 gpm. The front mounted PSF is available with a complete discharge manifold or as a low profile intra-cab pump system. The rear mount version, the PSR, is available in multiple configurations. Adding the second stage high pressure booster pump to the rear mount is the PSRH. PSR and PSRH pumps can also be driven via a split shaft transmission or PTO.