Fire Pumps, Fire Apparatus, Fire and Defense Equipment

Strategic Direction

Defense/Government Focus

We shall continue to pursue state and federal government opportunities, and to support our US Military and Homeland Defense markets, to help make our country safer.


We recognize and shall continue to build on our role in the global economy as we service existing markets and pursue new emerging markets.


We shall continue to invest in new technologies to stay ahead of the competition, scale our business and to bring products to market in a timely and cost effective manner.

Core Market Expansion

We shall continue to grow our core markets in the pump industry, while expanding in high growth adjacent markets such as new water markets, EMS & Rescue.

Employee Growth

We shall continue to foster employee development and create an environment of trust and mutual respect in the workforce where our employees know the expectations, rewards and consequences of their actions. We shall ensure employees have the education and resources to achieve their potential.


We shall continue to form partnerships with our customers, suppliers and employees.


We shall continue to position ourselves as a provider of high value goods and services and continue to create demand for our products in the fire, emergency and tactical markets.