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Over  100  Years  and  Still  Trusted  Worldwide

Since 1908, Darley has been dedicated to serving the World’s Fire and Emergency Services. The corporate headquarters are located at 325 Spring Lake Drive in Itasca, IL 60143, and our manufacturing, engineering and research and development operations are in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, and Janesville, Iowa.

Our entire company is committed to customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to excellence and offer a diverse line of quality products and services through progressive design, manufacturing and distribution. W. S. Darley & Co.‘s involvement in the Fire Industry spans over a century and four generations of Darley’s..

We not only have a rock solid reputation for building quality products, but also for building strong relationships with Fire Fighting Organizations around the world. Darley draws our strength from being a financially stable company with a unique industry position. Darley builds Fire Trucks, manufactures Fire pumps and sells Fire Fighting, Emergency and Special Operations Equipment through our international catalogs. Nowhere else will you find a company as dedicated to the Fire Industry. All this experience comes from a company that cares – W. S. Darley & Co. is customer driven..


Darley offers thousands of products available through a variety of catalogs. The fire catalog constantly include new items, with even more being added to our website, is the eCommerce website for Darley. We offer one of the most complete selections of firefighting equipment including boots, gloves, rescue tools, hose, water supplies, nozzles, foam, hazmat and other gear. W.S. Darley & Co. has been an industry leader for over 100 years. We keep up-to date on the latest technology and introduce hundreds of new items every year that make your job a little easier, a little safer and a little more productive. If you are looking for an item not on eDarley, please contact us and we will do our best to locate it for you.


Whatever your fire fighting needs, Darley has the right pump to do the job. They offer portables, floating, high-lift booster, CAFS, PTO, engine driven, front mount, and midship pumps with flows from 60 to 3500 GPM and pressures to 1200 PSI. In addition, all Darley midship pumps are UL ratable and meet NFPA requirements. From the smallest skid-mount to the chassis mounted midships, every Darley pump is designed for fast, efficient and safe operation. 

Pump  Systems

Darley combines its unique strength as a builder of both pumps and apparatus by offering a line of pump systems. A wide variety of pump systems are available including top and side operated, midship and PTO driven pumps. The systems often include specialized features such as “Vision Series” panels complete with “one touch controls”. All of our systems are designed to be easy to operate and easy to maintain.

AutoCAFS  Compressed  Air  Foam  Systems (CAFS)

Compressed Air Foam Systems (CAFS), provide superior firefighting capabilities offering quicker knockdown and improved personnel and structural protection. Darley’s AutoCAFS compressed air foam systems are the choice of informed firefighting professionals across the country and around the world. Engineered for simplicity and performance, these systems are known for their reliability and high quality.

Odin  Foam  Division

Odin Foam Division is the world’s leader in Compressed Air Foam Systems (CAFS) research and development. At Odin, we produce the safest and most reliable CAFS of any manufacturer today. Odin is based in Janesville Iowa. Odin is one of the oldest and most experienced manufacturers of Compressed Air Foam Systems. Odin Company has fought fires under contract with various organizations. Having first hand experience in firefighting gives Odin and Darley the knowledge of what works best when it comes to engine driven Compressed Air Foam Systems.

Ohler  Pumps

The Ohler Pump Division is also located in Janesville, Iowa and was established in 1947 by Ralph G. Ohler. Marketed under the brand Ohler Pumps, this innovative company has produced thousands of pumps for the US Military, US Coast Guard as well as pumps and related equipment for the agricultural, industrial, mining and marine industries.Ohler Machinery is the maker of dependable, rugged and powerful centrifugal pumps, ranging from 1” to 6”. We supply the agricultural, mining, and construction industries with a wide variety of pumps for many different applications. Ohler Machinery also does metal fabrication for numerous customers as well as the government.


Darley & Co. offers a full range of apparatus, including mini-pumpers, tankers, commercial and custom pumpers. Darley is known for building specialized apparatus that often includes compressed air foam systems and co-polymer bodies. These features are evident in Darley’s premier program series apparatus, which is called “The Firetruck”. You can expect an unmatched level of quality and service from Darley’s entire line of vehicles.


In 2001, Darley partnered with ProPoly Inc. to start a new Company, Polybilt LLC. PolyBilt has been manufacturing the latest state-of-the art truck products and bodies for the fire truck market and is positioned to provide a variety of products for the commercial truck market as well. We took the same science of the Poly Water Tank, including patented Bent Edge™ features, which revolutionized the fire industry with maintenance-free water and foam tanks,and designed the ultimate in fire truck body design. Polyprene™ provides for years of trouble-free service life and will not rust or corrode. Also, unlike other materials such as aluminum and steel, our material will not ding, dent or crack.

Defense Division

In 2009, Darley was awarded another major contract by the Defense Logistics Agency for the Special Operational Equipment Tailored Logistics Support Program (TLSP). Over the past five years, Darley formed a government division and hired experts in Special Operations. The DOD recognized Darley’s corporate experience, past performance and ability to be a reliable vendor. This program was previously referred to as the Prime Vendor contract.The new Special Operational Equipment TLSP is designed to provide worldwide support for the special operational equipment needs of the Department of Defense and Federal agencies. Darley will provide Special Military Operational Equipment for worldwide service to all authorized customers. In December of 2007, Darley was also awarded a major contract by the Defense Logistics Agency for Fire and Emergency Services.

Purifire  Water  Purification  Systems

In 2007, Darley received a Homeland Security Market Development Grant from the State of Illinois to develop a line of water purification systems. Darley offers a complete line of quickly-deployable water purification systems that can be used by first responders to aid in establishing and maintaining a potable water supply in the event of an emergency situation. Numerous PuriFire (purifier) systems have been developed for both municipal and military applications. The municipal PuriFire systems are designed to work with the pump on a fire apparatus, or in conjunction with an in-place water department. The systems are available as both portable self-contained units and systems that are integrated with fire apparatus. 

Service  and  Support

Darley has the plants, engineering and machinery to design, manufacturer and assemble a wide variety of fire and emergency products. 

The engineering staff includes certified and professional engineers. Our company utilizes the latest in Computer Aided Design (CAD), and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) to ensure that all manufacturing designs are completely incorporated within the manufacturing process.

Our dealer and service network consists of over 200 U. S. distributors in all 50 states.They have more than 50 International dealers located in over 40 countries. Our products are found in more than 70 countries around the world. Parts and service are also directly available from our plants with the convenience of toll-free numbers, fax and telex. Our goal is to ship replacement parts within 24 hours after receipt of order.

Extensive  Experience

W. S. Darley & Co. has been supplying apparatus, pumps and firefighting equipment to the United States Federal Government as well as other governments and agencies around the world for over 60 years. During World War II, we received the Army/Navy E Award for excellence three times, producing thousands of centrifugal fire pumps for military bases around the world. Many of these pumps are still in service today. Each year we are awarded hundreds of federal government contracts primarily for supplies from our fire fighting, law enforcement and municipal supplies catalogs.

On July 3, 2012, the United States Marine Corps (USMC) awarded Darley an $85.1 million contract to provide over 1,500 trailer mounted pumps to protect our troops. Under the contract, Darley will deliver the LE600 pump systems to the USMC over the next 5 years.

After  100  Years,  You  Can  Still  Talk To  A  Darley.